Robotic A-Frame High Speed Order Fulfillment

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Increase Your Productivity with the Robotic A-Frame

The Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame Dispenser, straddles a conveyor, has channels on both sides that store product. Each channel is equipped with a 24-volt DC electric dispenser which ejects the product from the stack in the channel onto the conveyor or directly into totes and shipping containers.

  • Zero picking labor required for Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame Dispenser operation
  • Up to 4,200 orders per hour (lines and number of items per order is virtually irrelevant)
  • 99.9% accuracy levels
  • Tremendous reliability and up time
  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Dramatically reduces labor to 80%
  • Extends order cut-off times

Whether it’s a standalone SI Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame Dispenser or part of a larger integrated distribution system, the Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame Dispenser is a flexible order picking system that is easily configured to a variety of situations. The width of each channel may be adjusted to fit an assortment of product sizes and double-wide or extra-long dispensers are available for larger products. Multiple dispensers are provided for the fastest moving items.

SI Systems Robotic A-Frame in action