Setting the standard for the industry’s fastest automated picking

SI Systems provides the fastest robotic picking technology available in today’s market. Our equipment is designed to process a high volume of piece pick or split case orders with minimal labor and cost. 

With pick accuracy close to 99%, and with single system fulfillment rates up to 3,600 orders per hour, our clients trust SI to solve their toughest fulfillment challenges with our scalable, time-tested automation technology.

Our robotic picking systems are designed to:

  • Handle peak order volumes
  • Minimize dependency on manual pick labor
  • Scale appropriately for changing SKU counts and order profiles
  • Accurately and reliably pick orders at high volume

The end objective for all order fulfillment operations is to deliver products quickly, accurately, and with as little overhead as possible.

Common problems we tackle for our clients:

  • Current picking process is highly manual and labor intensive; not scalable for future growth
  • Human capital becoming too costly and/or hard to secure
  • Current order volume is straining existing system
  • Seasonal spikes and peaks in order volumes driving overtime costs
  • eCommerce type order profiles (low pieces, low lines) are becoming more costly to handle (increased travel time, inefficient picking)
  • Pick accuracy and order accuracy on the decline. (Most notable during peak seasons with higher levels of temp staffing.)

Common Industries Served:

  • Cosmetics
  • Health & Beauty
  • Pharmaceuticals / OTC / CBD Products
  • Eye Care
  • Boxed Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Office / School Supply
  • Media
  • Subscription Ordering Services

How we solve these problems:

Our technology is provided in two distinct forms:


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