Because every order fulfillment center has a unique set of products and top moving SKUs, determining application fit can be difficult for those not experienced with A-frame technology. For those new to A-Frame dispensing, there are two primary items that we use to determine application fit: Product packaging (shape, size, weight), and order profile.

Ideal Product Shapes

  • Small, boxed items
  • Cylindrical bottles, such as vitamin bottles
  • “Hockey Puck” style hand creams & salves
  • Items such as lipstick shapes or styles can be dispensed with custom dispensing channels

Non A-Frame Dispensable Products

  • Unboxed, oddly shaped items
  • Loose bagged items
  • Large liquid items
  • Heavy items (< 1lb.)

Order Profile Recommendations

  • Ideally low lines / low pieces per line (Ideal fit: < 6 pieces per line)
  • Ecommerce order profile fits well into this category
  • Split case / each pick orders fall into this category

Dispenser Types w/ Minimum & Maximum Product Size

Dispenser Name Min. Length Min. Width Min. Height Max. Length Max. Width Max. Height
Standard  2.0” 0.9” 0.4” 7.4” 5.0” 4.5”
Dual Belt Standard 2.0” 0.9” 0.4” 7.4” 10.5” 3.8”
Long 2.0” 0.9” 0.4” 12.4” 5.0” 4.5”
Dual Belt Long 2.0” 0.9” 0.4” 12.4” 10.5” 3.8”
Lipstick 2.0” 0.6" 0.6”      
  • Min. Product Size: 2” x .6 x .6
  • Max. Product Size: 12.4” x 10.5” x 3.8”

Dispenser Types:

  • Standard, Long, Wide Top, Wide (dual belt), Long Wide (dual belt), Lipstick
  • 64 customizable dispensing configuration settings

Should product fit or order profile be in question, reach out to us directly. We can leverage our 60 years of automation experience to help you quickly determine if your operations fall within our automation profile.

At SI Systems, the need for order fulfillment automation has never been more relevant. Rising consumer demand for 2-day, next-day, and same-day order fulfillment coupled with a shrinking pool for quality pick labor is driving our customers to automate at a rapid scale.

Let us help you automate your future growth.