What is the A-Frame Picking Dispenser?

The SI Systems A-Frame consists of vertical channels that straddle conveyor on both sides. SKUs are placed in each channel and are appropriately allocated based on order volume and order frequency. As an order traverses through the system, items (SKUs) that correspond with that order are automatically picked, fulfilling the order as it progresses through the system. Our Mobile Matic replicates technology with a smaller, more portable design.

Ideal Products & Order Profiles

Easy, Flexible Fulfillment Solution

Whether deployed stand-alone or part of a larger integrated distribution system, both styles of equipment serve as a flexible order fulfillment solution that is easily configured for a variety of products and business needs. The width of each channel may be adjusted to fit an assortment of product sizes, and double-wide or extra-long dispensers are available for larger products. Multiple channels and dispensers can be utilized for the fastest moving items.
The end result is an order that is self-picked with minimal human interaction, ready to be routed to pack out or shipping depending on the system.

A-Frame Configurations

The A-Frame is available in three distinct configurations: Pick-To-Tote, Pick-To-Shipper, and Pick-to-Belt. Each system has its own set of benefits and implementation standards.

Pick-to-Tote &

For extremely high-throughput split case order fulfillment, the Pick-to-Tote or Pick-to-Shipping-Container models will provide the best solution. Orders can be cued in tightly spaced totes traversing through the A-Frame. This tight spacing allows for a maximum number of orders in a very confined footprint.
The SI A-Frame uniquely has visibility to every order coming into the system and can automatically adjust conveyor speed to accommodate orders with a large number of SKUs or a large piece count per line. This ensures accurate product placement as items are being picked.
Because of the tight order spacing and accurate product placement, this system is ideal for eliminating order contamination while hitting fulfillment rates up to 4,200 orders per hour.
A-Frame-PTS-300px-x-300px.jpg D1-PickToTote-AFrame-SI-300-300px-x-300px.jpg

Pick-to-Belt Overview

The classic and original A-Frame design, Pick-to-Belt provides reliably up to 1,200 orders per hour operation. Ideal for integration with cross-belt and tilt-tray sortation systems, a customized belt is run down the center of the A-Frame. Inventory is dispensed onto the belt and then placed on a sorter or in a tote or container via a transfer station at the end of the system.

Compare Pick-to-Tote (or Container) to Pick-to-Belt

   Pick-to-Tote (or Container) Pick-to-Belt
Discharge Requirements Totes, boxes, shipping containers Baggers, cross belt, tilt tray
Tote Cube Utilization  
Round Object Handling
Reduces Product Touches  
Flexibility & Growth
Reduced Maintenance  
Least Amount of Floor Space  
Minimizes Exception Handling & Labor  
Handling Empty Totes  
Throughput (Orders/Hour) Maximum 4,200 Orders/Hour Maximum 1,200 Orders/Hour
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