SI-IWS WMS Applications

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icon 5How SI-IWS WMS Software Application Is Used


How SI-IWS WMS Software is used enables SI Systems to design SI-IWS WMS Software Warehouse products to encompass Warehouse Distribution and manufacturing Stockroom Management applications. When your objective is to add automation equipment to maximize your efficiency and reduce your overall costs, how our SI-IWS WMS Software is used will help you realize your needs and goals.

SI-IWS WMS Software Application

SI-IWS WMS Software Application For Warehouse Distribution

Today’s successful warehouses are marked by their ability to ship completed orders rapidly. In most cases, the secret to their success centers around successful selection and integration of automated material handling systems. For those distribution centers focusing on high-throughput performance, how SI-IWS Software is used and the advanced warehouse control software applications are essential. The SI-IWS Software family of products covers the spectrum of warehouse control applications. How SI-IWS Software is used allows you to phase-in single modules as you are ready, or immediately enjoy the benefits of large-scale integrated automation using our innovative approach for maximum cost savings.

Key Features of SI-IWS WMS Software Application  Usage For Warehouse Distribution:

  • Fixed, random, or both types of locations by item
  • Random location limits by item and zone
  • Unlimited unit of measure tracking by item
  • Batch, lot, vendor, and receipt time tracking
  • Lot commingling rules by item
  • Min/max levels per item by zone
  • Inventory aging and expiration
  • Bill of material explosion for kitting
  • Hot picking and putaway from automated zones
  • Bar code label generation for lines, kits & containers
  • Track hundreds of thousands of items & locations
  • Cycle counting on demand by item category

SI-IWS WMS Software Application For Stockroom Management

The utmost concerns for most manufacturing stockrooms are precise inventory management and providing rapid response times to daily demands. How the SI-IWS WMS Software is used not only delivers extensive inventory control functionality, but also enables a wide variety of automated material handling equipment to orchestrate efficient stockroom operations at all levels.

Additional Features Offered By SI-IWS WMS Software for Stockroom Management:

  • Receiving, putaway, picking, replenishment, counting
  • Slotting management by velocity and volume
  • Single host interface for all control systems
  • Synchronized order fulfillment across all zones
  • Multiple zone allocation by UOM definition
  • Dynamic wave management
  • Automated carousel application
  • Built-in Pick-to-Light application
  • Pick fence definitions by item
  • Batch pick to labels or work lists
  • Pick-and-pass or parallel picking
  • Remote exception handling
  • Interface to unit sorters
  • Advanced conveyor management
  • Exceptional inventory control
  • Consolidation area management
  • Packing station control and validation
  • Order packing and manifest reporting
  • Ship sortation with dynamic lane assignment