SI-IWS Software WMS Architecture

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SI-IWS WMS ArchitectureDiamond

Our SI-IWS WMS Software Warehouse family of products is founded on industry standard Microsoft technologies. This modular SI-IWS WMS Architecture utilizes the latest object-oriented design techniques and methodologies to ensure the best possible reliability and maintainability. Our scalable SI-IWS WMS Architecture product line deploys on a Windows based system utilizing client-server technology capable of enterprise-level inventory control and order fulfillment applications.

SI-IWS WMS Architecture – Runtime Environment

SI-IWS WMS Architecture

We have designed our runtime environment around the most popular SI-IWS Software Architecture platform utilized today for scalable information systems. Microsoft Windows workstations utilize ODBC to interact with a Microsoft SQL Server database. The SI-IWS Software Architecture is hosted on a Windows Server. The SI-IWS Software Architecture Warehouse family of warehouse control applications work in concert on client workstations to collectively form a scalable distributed processing system capable of managing a wide variety of concurrent tasks. Selective tasks have been designed to take advantage of Microsoft Windows native connectivity capabilities to import order fulfillment and warehouse maintenance demands, while exporting work request status to external systems.

SI-IWS WMS Architecture – O/S and Networking Features

  • Windows Server
  • True client/server architecture
  • Mainframe-level transaction processing capabilities

SI-IWS WMS Architecture – Database Engine

  • Microsoft SQL Server (or other ODBC-Compliant RDBMS)
  • Eliminates file lock contention between clients
  • Native ODBC compliance for application database interoperability
  • Transaction logging for smooth disaster recovery
  • Built-in graphical tools for performance monitoring and tuning
  • Built-in database mirroring (not controller dependent)
  • Supports scheduling for automated database backups

SI-IWS WMS Architecture – Client Workstations

  • Microsoft XP or 7 operating systems
  • Multi-threaded warehouse management application suite
  • Configurable workstations perform specialized tasks
  • Scheduled concurrent services supporting batched enterprise operations

SI-IWS WMS Architecture – Development Environment

The SI-IWS WMS Architecture Warehouse family of products is developed on Microsoft’s proven enterprise development tools:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio C++
  • Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)
  • True Object Oriented Design (OOD)
  • Extensive object model with over 200 Classes
  • 3-Tiered architectures separates object model from data
  • Easily Integrates 3rd party Windows-based applications
  • Globally distributed third-party report and label print engines
  • Enables cost efficient modifications and custom enhancements

SI-IWS WMS Architecture – Configurability

Throughout our tenure in material handling system applications development, we have learned that each customer has specific needs from their software – “one shoe does NOT fit” a wide range of system configurations. Therefore, at SI Systems one of our primary goals is to offer a variety of implementations for each application feature to best meet your requirements. We are proud of the ease by which our applications can be set up for each customer site, and more importantly, modified to grow with their successes.

  • No code modifications required to “roll-out” most applications
  • Hundreds of configuration settings define customer business rules
  • Setup/modify material handling system layout parameters
  • All configuration settings are stored in enterprise level RDBMS.
  • Specialized procedures rebuild facility configurations from text files
  • On-line modification of business rules system attributes