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SI-icon 5IWS Exception Handling Order Fulfillment Software

Exception Handling Order Fulfillment SI-IWS Software completes orders as originally requested by the customer for essential customer satisfaction. SI-IWS Exception Handling Order Fulfillment Software provides several methods to assist operators to accomplish this goal. Depending on the batch processing method in use, shortages can be noted at the time of encounter or upon batch completion if servicing using printed work lists.

With the Exception Handling Order Fulfillment SI-IWS Software, order containers can be manually directed or automatically routed to remote exception handling for a variety of reasons. Upon arrival, the Exception Handling Order Fulfillment SI-IWS Software is used to view the specific problem(s), determination the best course of action and perform several types of corrective actions.

Exception Handling
Exception Handling Order FulfillmentSI-IWS Software

Options available to Exception Handling Order FulfillmentSI-IWS Software station operators include:

  • Clear exceptions and send order carrier back for further processing
  • Replace damaged order container
  • Query the system for additional inventory locations
  • Adjust line item quantities performed or requested
  • Release the order container as is for packing/shipping
  • Cancel the line items from the order
  • Manually consolidate the line items with the order