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Host Interface –icon 5Gateway to Warehouse Control Communication

Host Interface SI-IWS Software Capabilities provides a single, vastly configurable interface to host systems supplying high-level warehouse management functions. In turn, it directly interfaces to all control devices utilized during order fulfillment operations within the automated warehouse. This design eliminates the requirement for the Host to interface to multiple application subsystems for inventory operations involving automated material handling equipment.

host interface

For less complex interface requirements, the Host Interface SI-IWS Software is easily configured to use a limited set of required download information, and likewise, limit the amount of information to be passed up to the Host. To accommodate a variety of messaging scenarios, even more flexibility has been provided by the incorporation of message layout format utilities so that the Host system can utilize pre-existing or standard interface libraries.

The Host Interface SI-IWS Software Capabilities has been designed to accommodate data transfer methods using either file-based or peer-to-peer messaging schemes. It may also be configured to allow a combination of both concurrently. Within the Windows NT/2000 run-time environment, data connections may be implemented across a variety of platforms using LANs or WANs.

 Host Interface SI-IWS Software Benefits:

  • File-based downloads and uploads
  • Peer-to-peer messaging
  • Fully configurable message formatting
  • File/data integrity checking & rejection
  • Automated and/or manual download processing
  • On-line configuration of message types and format
  • Host data format translation
  • Interface data archiving and back-out
  • FTP, TCP/IP, HLLAPI, and RS-232