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Inventory Control SI-IWS Warehouse icon 5Software System

Successful Inventory Control SI-IWS Warehouse Software management is generally dependent on two specific facets of warehouse operations: accuracy and efficiency. Any system designed without these two primary goals will simply not enhance order management and control functions.

The Inventory Control SI-IWS Warehouse Software is designed to absolutely maximize both the accuracy and efficiency of all warehouse operations.

Inventory Control
Inventory Control SI-IWS Warehouse Software

Inventory Control SI-IWS Warehouse Software accuracy improves customer service, allows MRP functions to be more effective, and promotes all warehouse operations to run smoothly. These key Inventory Control SI-IWS Warehouse Software Features promote system wide accuracy:

  • Barcode identification and confirmation
  • Tailored pick and putaway labels for inventory tracking
  • Light-directed picking, putaway and counting
  • Weigh scale integration for picks, putaways and counts
  • Dynamic allocation for all picks and putaways
  • Pre-Allocation analysis by line and order
  • Line quantity allocation across unlimited UOM’s per item
  • Unlimited UOM management and tracking by Item
  • Define lot commingling rules by item
  • Batch, lot, vendor, and receipt timestamp tracking
  • Cycle counting on demand by item category
  • Cycle count by item or location

 Our Inventory Control SI-IWS Warehouse Software features can be configured to provide as much control as you like – from simple, to advanced  Total control of your inventory is our goal.

  • Zone pick sequences by item and/or facility
  • Unlimited zone pick fence definitions by item
  • Fixed, random, or both types of locations by item
  • Location classification putaway sequencing by item
  • Track hundreds of thousands of item definitions
  • Unlimited number of inventory locations per item
  • Utilize hundreds of thousands of storage locations
  • Set up min/max levels per item by zone
  • Dynamic slotting management by velocity and volume
  • Automated replenishment engine by user-defined criteria
  • Replenish between user defined ranges of UOM’s
  • Zone replenishment sequencing by item or facility
  • Random location limits by zone and item
  • Automatic inventory balancing across storage devices
  • Transact picks and putaways through pending counts
  • Allow case or repack preferences by line item
  • Define expiration and/or aging periods by item
  • Name, description and UPC assignment by item
  • Configure part and location groups by criteria panel