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All System User Accounts Access Only What They Needicon 5

SI-IWS Software user accounts are essential to presenting only the information needed by each system user. A variety of information can be tracked for each user to limit which programs they may access, what system areas they authorized to work and which types of work requests they have been qualified to process. In addition,SI-IWS Software user account programs utilized at operator workstations automatically adjust their navigation techniques based on user attributes.

All application program  user account access levels can be individually tailored to meet the operational needs of the facility. For workgroup environments, users can be combined into customer-defined groups for productivity reporting and security allocation.

User Accounts

A summary of user account benefits:

  • Limit secure information to those users requiring access
  • Simplify each users view to programs and features they can use
  • Control which users are allowed to process specific work types
  • Permit only qualified users to work in selective zones
  • Group users into logical teams for productivity reporting and security