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Work Batching- Customized For Every Type icon 5of Warehouse Zone

Simply by work batching, workstation output can be significantly increased by the incorporation of a batch picking scheme where multiple orders may be picked simultaneously across storage zone locations by each operator. While the batch setup and processing in automated device storage zones (such as carousels) is usually “paperless”, bulk or shelving areas can be easily serviced by printed work lists and/or sequenced labels.

Work batching may be performed manually or automatically at any type of workstation. Depending on system design considerations, work batching may be static (e.g., pick cart), dynamic (using intelligent conveyor control) or continuous using specially designed workstations.

Work Batching
Work batching

Work Batching configuration settings within theSI-IWS Software Warehouse offer workstation operators a wide variety of methods to efficiently generate work batches:

  • Combine line items by location, wave and/or priority
  • Generate batches for parallel picking or pick-and-pass
  • Combine picks and replenishments in same batch
  • Share order start queues between multiple stations
  • Automatically build batches from conveyor queues
  • Select from dynamic conveyor queues and new starts
  • Manually insert high priority orders into batch setup
  • Batch across multiple storage media in a single zone
  • Combine single line orders into single batch positions
  • Continuously batch with automated storage devices
  • Adjust batch size and at any time
  • Validation batch components using scan-checks
  • Batch by container, work request or receipt
  • Print batch work lists sequenced by location