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Work Statistics –icon 5 Real-Time Reports on Operator and Zone Productivity

Evaluating system performance is easy with automated work statistics for individual workstation operators, and zones. Work statistics are automatically tracked for each user by type of operation (picks, stores, replenishments, cycle counts, etc.). A variety of statistical measurements are tracked over time periods determined by the system supervisor.

User statistics are tallied during segments of time where the system is waiting for the operator to perform their duties. Zone statistics are also maintained to provide accurate performance data for the amount of work requests that are processed within each zone – regardless of the (set of) workstation operators.

Work Statistics
Work statistics

Work statistics maintained across all types of inventory transactions include:

  • User statistics for performance monitoring of each workstation operator
  • Zone statistics for evaluation of zone work loads
  • Performance statistics are maintained for each type of work
  • Summary statistics span all users and/or zones