SI-IWS WMS Software Module

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Types of  SI-IWS WMS Software Moduleicon 5

Our SI-IWS WMS Software Module are highly diverse and cover a wide variety of products.


SI-IWS Software ModuleSI-IWS WMS Software Carousel Module

The SI-IWS WMS Software Module provides direct control of automated carousel storage devices, while providing an intuitive user interface for directing pick, putaway, count and replenishment operations for any zone configuration.

SI-IWS WMS Software Pick-to-Light Module

This SI-IWS WMS Software Pick-to-Light module directly interfaces to popular PTL devices to provide efficient warehouse operations across light-directed storage zones – without the usage of third-party software.

SI-IWS WMS Software Induction Module

Induction of materials from the receiving area is optimized with this SI-IWS WMS Software Induction Module that allows a variety of design configurations from single SKU directives to preparing induction batches using Put-to-Light technology.

SI-IWS WMS Software Packing Module

Add on the SI-IWS WMS Software Packing Module to enable detailed views and last minute maintenance of shipping container contents, along with special directives for quality control or packing/shipping instructions.

SI-IWS WMS Software Consolidation Module

Whether you are consolidating single line items picked from multiple zones or full case items onto pallets, theSI-IWS WMS Software Consolidation Module provides a tool kit of options for ensuring that your customers receive the correct items – on schedule. This module empowers station operators to view, maintain and generate reports for a variety of consolidation methodologies.

SI-IWS WMS Software Ship Sortation Module

Efficient management of automated shipping areas is often the key to achieving high-throughput from a fully automated facility. Our SI-IWS WMS Software Ship Sortation Module not only replaces other more expensive commercial sortation applications, but it also optimizes much less expensive hardware configurations to net higher performance in overall system output.

SI-IWS WMS Software Conveyor Interface Module

TheSI-IWS WMS Software Conveyor Interface Module integrates with a wide variety of automated conveyor controllers to provide unparalleled optimization of your investment in horizontal transportation equipment. It incorporates all business rules and logic to direct the flow and specific delivery of each container to the set of required work zones to complete order fulfillment operations.