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Location Counting for SI-IWS icon 5Software Directed Warehouse Systems

For non-inventory control configurations, maintain the accuracy of your inventory through cycle counting by location. Location Counting for SI-IWS Software Directed Warehouse Systems will direct your operators through each step of efficient verification of item, quantity and UOM tracking.

Location Counting

Flexible rules of Location Counting for SI-IWS Software Directed Warehouse Systems allow location counting to be generated by a host system request, manually or using both methods simultaneously. Our implementation allows a wide variety of information to be available to the operators in addition to location and quantity including: item, UOM, lot, batch vendor, unit weight and/or receipt timestamp.

Inventory Accuracy with SI-IWS Software Location Counting Features:

  • Download location count requests or manually generate
  • Generate counts by single locations or using a range
  • Automatic count request generation upon discrepancy
  • Maintain location count statistics by user and/or zone
  • Inform Host of count results or print comprehensive reports
  • Count by light direction, ticket or work list
  • Process batches of location counts across any storage area