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SI-IWS Software- Efficient Order Picking icon 5Operations All Storage Zones 

SI-IWS Software supports efficient Order Picking Operations across all types of storage zones. Enhanced throughput is easily achieved using flexible rules to define individual order batching schemes for all zones. Topping the list of efficiency gains, order fulfillment across multiple zones is always synchronized for maximum throughput with minimal material handling hardware costs.

For those workstations servicing automated devices such as horizontal or vertical carousels, intuitive graphical user interfaces provide guidance, while light-directed picking technologies ensure the accuracy you demand.

order picking operations

Order Picking Operations


Order Picking Operations from more static storage areas such as shelving or flow rack is integrated through either light-pointing equipment, work lists or batched labels. For these zones, operator travel paths are always optimized using flexible configuration rules by zone.

For those applications employing a more complex automation scheme, the SI-IWS Software WarehouseOrder Picking Operations provides advanced conveyor and sortation system management. It employs interface techniques that allow it to dynamically react to material handling flow conditions. This eliminates “islands of automation” and guarantees maximum throughput for your system investment.

SI-IWS Software Warehouse Order Picking Operations feature highlights:

  • Automatic or manual order release
  • External system order/line coordination
  • Prioritize by FIFO, priority rank or due date
  • Pick & pass, parallel pick or both
  • Fully automated and/or manual batching
  • Automated storage device optimization
  • Pick by light, ticket, label or work list
  • Lights identify location and/or batch member
  • Scan verify location, item and or container
  • Hot pick by single item or batch
  • Unlimited pick fences by zone
  • Single-line order combining
  • Standard or custom pick/ship labels
  • Real-time storage notification to Host