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Warehouse Receiving and Induction icon 5Operations

While the Receiving and Induction Operations processes for most warehouse environments may be as simple as checking-in stock arrivals, the SI-IWS Software Warehouse has been designed to provide a large variety of special handling features to accommodate the more complex material handling requirements.

receiving and induction operations

Flexible Receiving and Induction Operations stations provide swift and precise directives for handling inbound materials, and may easily be equipped with light devices to increase overall efficiency and accuracy.

Seamless integration of automated conveyor used to deliver inducted items to their storage zones can be accommodated during initial system implementation or added later as throughput demand increases.

Barcode technology is utilized to identify an assortment of incoming stock units from single items, to cases and/or pallets. A variety of receipt/induction labels may be printed to accompany identified lots into storage locations.

The SI-IWS Software Warehouse Receiving and Induction Operations Features  Include:

  • Dedicated receiving and/or induction stations
  • Receipt verification against purchase order
  • Manual receipt entry from scratch
  • Receipt and/or putaway label printing
  • Build Induction batches with put-to-light
  • Print induction tickets for manual delivery
  • Hot allocation by advanced storage rules
  • Split lot quantities by zone and location
  • Unlimited unit of measures per Item
  • Lot, batch, vendor and receipt time tracking
  • Automated weigh scale verification
  • Integrated with automated conveyor