New SideFinger In-Floor Towline Conveyor Designed to Provide Jam-Free Assembly Line Operations

Sidefinger high res Press Release 14005The SideFinger In-Floor Towline Conveyor system utilizes SI Systems’ proprietary Track-Gap jam-free design that virtually eliminates jamming and its associated downtime.

The Track-Gap system is engineered to shield the chain from debris and keep the contaminants harmlessly contained. The SideFinger In-Floor Towline Conveyor system’s track is constructed with a solid steel guard encompassing the entire chain path. Likewise, the track has an isolation channel where fasteners, screws and debris collect harmlessly it is cleared out during scheduled maintenance.

The SideFinger In-Floor Towline Conveyor system is designed to be installed faster and easier due to its shallow six-inch deep trench track installation. Since the entire track sits in a six-inch deep trench, the cost, risk and time required for installation and construction is dramatically reduced. The six-inch deep trench is also important in older existing facilities that have pipes and infrastructure materials below the surface of the floor. With towing capacity up to 210,000 pound and 100 feet per minute movement, the SideFinger In-Floor Towline Conveyor system comes standard with a remote VPN controls diagnostics package. This allows personnel to check on the health of the system and address any issues that can be handled pro-actively and eliminate potential downtime. The rugged design and construction of the SideFinger In-Floor Towline Conveyor system allows SI Systems to double the industry standard warranty to two years and offer, for the SideFinger towline, an industry leading ten-year optional warranty.

Since the track accommodates both the active and return chains, the SideFinger In-Floor Towline Conveyor system is perfect for straight linear paths. This proprietary design eliminates the need for large looping curves to accommodate the chain return. This also reduces the towline systems’ total footprint, which reduces material costs, installation time and operations disruption. Unlike other system designs, the side-by-side chain orientation allows rapid access to both the active and return chains by simply removing one cover plate.

The entire Lo-Tow line of towlines is focused on longevity and performance, which translates into a fast return on investment and low cost of ownership. Having manufactured towline conveyor systems since 1965, SI Systems has one of the largest installation bases of towline conveyor systems in North America.

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SI Systems has been providing world class automated software and material handling systems to order fulfillment, distribution center, warehouse, manufacturing and assembly operations for over 55 years. Systems include WES (Warehouse Execution Systems) software, dispensing A-Frames, towlines and integration services.

SideFinger In-Floor Towline Conveyor

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