Clas-SI-c towlineThe Clas-SI-c towline is designed for warehouse, distribution and manufacturing applications where a heavy capacity conveyor is required to transport inventory to warehouse zones such as receiving, put-away, picking, consolidation and shipping. The Clas-SI-c towline assures obstruction free and steady conveyance, while at the same time reducing maintenance costs, lessen fork lift acquisition expenses, and drastically reduce floor congestion.

Carts running back and forth on the Clas-SI-c towline can be designed to optimize your exact needs. From simplistic carts to ergonomically designed carts that eliminates theneed for bending and potential injuries to carts designed to handle specific inventory requirements.  The physical demands placed on operators to push and pull hundreds of pounds of materials on every cart every day is eliminated  thus  helping to dramatically reduce potential injuries, days off from work, related litigation and diminishing productivity due to fatigue.

June 4, 2019

SI Systems in the News

Towline conveyors consist of a powered chain running through either an in-floor or above-floor track that tows a series of carts. Each cart supports a large load and moves between stations, enabling workers to perform their assembly operations on the load.