For Heavy Duty Applications The Katchain Towline Conveyor System Handles Your Needs

Katchain Lo-Tow Towline ConveyorThe Katchain Towline Conveyor warehouse and distribution mainline towline conveyor system employs a unique, 2” wide X 3 ½” tall high performance track. The track consists of a steel wrapper, or channel, with a wear strip in the bottom for the chain to ride on, and two wear bars at the top to guide the cart tow pin. The chain rides in this wrapper which is embedded in and anchored to the floor.

The Katchain Towline Conveyor system uses an endless loop of heat-treated conveyor chain available in a 4” or 6” pitch.  Chain lengths and pusher spacings are available in 8″ or 1′ increments. A moveable guide bar positions the KAT drive chain with the conveyor tow chain to assure proper mesh.

Drive dogs incorporated into a uniquely fabricated roller chain are the main driving component of the KAT drive. A moveable guide bar assures proper mesh between the drive chain and the conveyor tow chain for efficient, precision movement.

A broad range of cart styles and designs is available for installation in the Katchain Towline system, allowing it to handle any demanding, heavy-duty items and conveyance challenge.

The Katchain Towline conveyor control system can be fully integrated with offline processes, WMS and MES.

Track sections are supplied in standard 10’-0 lengths and cut to length in the field for customized installation.  Standard straight track is designed for a 5,000 lb. wheel load.  A heavy-duty version of this track is available with a 10,000 lb. wheel load for aisle crossings and other high traffic areas.

June 4, 2019

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Towline conveyors consist of a powered chain running through either an in-floor or above-floor track that tows a series of carts. Each cart supports a large load and moves between stations, enabling workers to perform their assembly operations on the load.