SI Systems No Fault Forward Technology

no fault forward technologyNo Fault Forward  (NNF) control technology improves quality, improves assembly throughput and reduces warranty claims. Plus, collected data can be used to fine tune processes.

The towline conveyor can be designed in two assembly configurations, index & dwell and creeping. The configuration determines the type of No Fault Forward Technology that can be employed.

Creeping assembly towlines allow operators to work on the assembly as it creeps through their workstation. This configuration allows a continuous flow of product through the assembly process without lost time for indexes.  Also, by creeping at a slow speed matched exactly to the assembly time, the towline, rather than the operator, paces the assembly process.

The Lo-Tow towline conveyor pulls carriers or carts along a path using a chain encased in an in-floor track section. The carriers are conveyed to work stations along the towline path where specific, progressive assembly operations are performed.

Index & dwell assembly towlines allow the operators to work on the product while it remains stationary at the workstation. The system’s cycle consists of a high-speed “index” between workstations followed by a static “dwell” at the workstation. Assembly operations are performed during the dwell portion of the cycle.

In a non-NFF index and dwell towline assembly system, the index cycle is triggered by either a configurable timer that paces operators or by operator initiation using workstation push buttons. With No Fault Forward Technology , the system controller works in conjunction with these release triggers, inhibiting the release of the cart to the next station until a “permissive” signal from the Owner’s manufacturing system indicating all workstation assembly criteria has been satisfied.

April 19, 2016
no fault forward technology

No Fault Forward Technology Improves Efficiency

No Fault Forward Technology Provides Exceptional Quality Integrated In Towline Conveyor Systems SI Systems Lo-Tow® towline conveyor systems can be equipped with No Fault Forward Technology […]