MM-019SI Systems’  Provides Under 4 Month ROI With Their Automatic Pick-to-Tote Kitting System

SI Systems’ Automatic Pick-to-Tote Kitting System is based on their patented Mobile-Matic portable A-Frame technology. The portable A-Frame is comprised of a system of channels mounted on a wheeled frame. Each channel holds a stack of products (SKUs).  A dispenser in each channel can dispense between two to five items per second for incredibly high throughput rates. Every channel has multiple sensors to know which order is being filled, items are ready to be dispensed and the correct item has been successfully dispensed into the proper order assuring accuracy.

Up to 16 channels are mounted on one frame. Up to four frames can be integrated into one system with up to 64 channels. The frames are on wheels and are rolled up to existing conveyor runs and easily integrates into existing WMS, WCS or inventory management software.

As a tote is routed on the conveyor in front of the Mobile-Matic portable A-Frame, the correct SKU and its quantity is dispensed into the tote. The portable A-Frame is capable of filling up to 2200 orders per hour. This is not a typo, orders… not lines. There is zero picking labor required for this process. It is totally automated. The only labor required is replenishment, which is just a small percentage of an existing workers time.

The Automatic Pick-to-Tote Kitting System thus allows organizations to pick kits and orders and saves up to 98% of the labor and generates a return on investment (ROI) of under 4 months.

Kitting is the process in which individually separate but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit.

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