SI Horizontal Carousel Slotting Program Provides High Efficiency

The SI Horizontal Carousel Slotting Program provides peak efficiency levels fory the lifetime of any horizontal carousel system.

Slotting help keep fast, medium and slow moving SKUs in the appropriate material handling system and located in the most logical location. Items picked together often are kept in close proximity. Faster moving items regardless of the velocity is directed to be stored in the closest and most ergonomic positions. Moving SKUs from material handling system to system based on popularity, velocity and trends keeps a well slotted facility performing at peak performance.

TheSI Horizontal Carousel Slotting Program incorporates a full spectrum of carousel equipment, with controls and software that will slot (enable) organizations to keep the most efficient SKUs and items at the best locations in the carousel at all times.

The high efficiency  horizontal carousel program uses advanced algorithms to determine which items belong in the carousel system, in what location(s) and quantity. Because business changes and evolves constantly, many static and dynamic storage and retrieval systems degrade over time. By managing activity and locations, peak performance can be maintained for the lifetime of the horizontal carousel system.

July 21, 2016
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