Randy Randolph- SI Systems

Our VP of Sales, Randy Randolph attended the Tompkins Supply Chain Leadership Forum in Durham, N.C.

Business is up, you have increasing confidence in your business cycle and your product life cycle is in good stride. So, you schedule several days at the Tompkins Supply Chain Leadership Forum to network, to pick up on incremental improvement ideas, and hear other business thought leaders share their market perspectives.  The attendee list and presenters represented top organizations across a broad market spectrum with everyone bringing their A-Game.

Dr. James Tompkins kicked-off the Forum with the Opening Keynote “The Digital Imperative: Dealing with Uncertainty, Speed, and Reinvention.”  In the first few minutes, Jim’s presentation delivers a diagnosis for the undercurrent of angst today’s business leaders feel when things are going well and maybe not so well.  The “Digital Imperative” is now and it is constant.   “In a world where everything is moving so rapidly, simply being fast is not enough: you have to be faster than anyone and everyone.”  Every company is vulnerable and Dr. Tompkins informs us that 23 companies have dropped off the F500 over the last three years.  Jim further challenged the continuous improvement mindset by re-calibrating the speed of change. Jim stated that future survival goes to those most responsive to change rather to the strongest or the smartest.  Jim outlines a path forward and how to embrace the “Disruption Cycle” to meet the Digital Imperative.  Check it out online (Here).

Jim challenged everyone to focus.  He offered Supply Chain as a key area of focus.   Jim stated that distribution logistics is being driven by “Amazon like” customer service expectations. Customers want the product faster and cheaper and Jim suggested that this is accomplished by putting inventory closer to the customer.  Jim offered by own example, that improved processing throughput and lower landed costs can be readily tapped by leveraging investments in automation that is Agile, Scalable and Portable.

SI Systems is a select automation partner for Tompkins Robots.  SI Systems was selected as it uniquely provides the fastest automatic order picking robots available on the market. The Mobile Matic is proven automation that can be implement in minutes vs months.  Check out how this labor saving picking solution can pick over 2000 orders/hr directly to tote or carton labor free!

If you would like to see a video of your products being picked by the “The fastest picker in the Universe” send us an email info@sihs.com or give us a call at 800-523-9464.


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