SI Systems In-Floor Towline Conveyor

SI Systems’ In-Floor Towline Conveyor System is considered the “industry standard '' for sequential assembly manufacturing in which a heavy capacity conveyor is required to transport inventory work through sequential assembly operations.
Heavily used in Fortune 500 manufacturing, towline technology is known for its durability and simple ease of use. This fixed path system can be configured in a loop or straight-line configurations with paths tailored specifically for each client’s need.
The majority of these systems are installed below ground, providing obstruction-free operation for operators, vehicle traffic, and optimal safety conditions.

Production and Assembly In-Floor Towline Conveyor

Cost-effective & Reliable:

For many years after its initial installation, SI’s towline systems are still reliably operating thanks to its durable design and low maintenance, continuing to transport work through its manufacturing processes.


In-floor installation provides operators with 360-degree access to their work. Additionally, assembly carts can vary from simple four-wheeled carts to mobile ergonomic workstations with lift, lower, and rotate capabilities.

Safe Operation

The powered chain recessed into an in-floor track is encoded to assure accurate tracking. SI’s carts (sometimes referred to as “carriers”) are dependably towed


SI’s towline (sometimes referred to as “towveyor” or “drag chain system”) seamlessly integrates into new or existing facilities.

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High-Tech Hardware

SI’s conveyor options include; cart-to-cart accumulation; diverting and merging hardware, which allows carts to selectively change paths; as well as control systems based on state-of-the-art PLC controls and variable frequency drive (VFD) technology.

SI Systems Lo-Tow Conveyor

Typically used for “round trip” transport, SI’s Lo-Tow Towline is often configured in a “loop” allowing the carts to cycle from start-to-finish-to-start. This jam-resistant design reduces downtime and maintenance while increasing quality and throughput.

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SI’s Systems SideFinger Conveyor

Typically used for “one way” transport, SideFinger Towline is configured in a straight line. This towline conveyor is preferred for assembly and manufacturing as it utilizes an enhanced virtually jam-free design, reducing downtime and maintenance while Increasing quality and throughput.

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No Fault Forward (NFF) Technology for Towline Conveyors

SI’s proprietary ‘No Fault Forward’ (NFF) technology provides manufacturing operations with the highest levels of quality, accuracy and productivity by assuring that workstation operations are completed to specifications. With NFF technology, non-conforming work will not advance forward in the assembly process.

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