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Applications-Towline Conveyor System

applications for towline conveyorApplications- Towline Conveyor Systems are numerous. The Lo-Tow® towline conveyor’s flexibility, reliability and ability to be customized for specific tasks and ease of integration with other materials handling systems make it a natural in a wide variety of applications in many industries.

Applications- Towline Conveyor for Manufacturing, Assembly, Hospital and Institutions

The Applications-Towline Conveyors can be used in progressive assembly and conveyance including:

• Engine components
• Vehicle sub-assemblies
• Wind turbine components
• Aircraft assembly jigs
• Consumer appliances
• Agricultural vehicles & equipment
• Material handling equipment
• Furniture
• Newspaper & periodicals
• Apparel
… and many more!

Applications-Towline Conveyor for Manufacturing Industries:

  • Automotive
  • Motorcycle
  • Truck
  • Consumer goods
  • Heavy equipment
  • Recreational vehicle
  • Energy
  • Commuter and freight car
  • Aerospace

Applications-Towline Conveyor for Manufacturing and Assembly Features:

  • Track-Gap virtually eliminates jamming and chain problems
  • PLC Controls integration to assure MES integration and 100% quality control
  • Rugged and unique chain designs with years of field proven reliability and longevity

Applications-Towline Conveyor for Warehouse and Distribution Centers:

For retail, wholesale and third party logistics (3PL) operations, organizations use Lo-Tow towline conveyors to move large and heavy inventory through the stocking, picking, consolidation, staging and shipping processes.

  • Increased weight capacities and long use cycles allow the Lo-Tow towline conveyor system to reduce maintenance while increasing reliability, durability and longevity… especially when compared to AGV and AGC systems.

Applications-Towline Conveyor with Automatic Pallet Hand Truck Conveyance:

Multiple areas or zones within a facility can be linked with the Lo-Tow pallet truck in-floor conveyor system. Operators pass pallet hand trucks to other zones and their operators quickly and easily. The Lo-Tow pallet truck in-floor conveyor system can be used in distribution centers, cross-docking centers, mail or package sorting centers, manufacturing, production and assembly areas. Read more.

Applications-Towline Conveyor for Hospital Applications:

  • Lo-Tow towline conveyors are used to move soiled bedding linen from the care facility to laundry operations, then returning to the care facility with clean linens. Additionally, carts cycle supplies, meals and dinnerware between the preparation areas and the patient care areas.
  • Likewise, any hospital requiring the transportation of carts and heavy inventory from receiving to their warehouse benefits from the load capacity and reliability of the Lo-Tow towline conveyor system.

Applications-Towline Conveyor for Warehouse, Distribution Center and Hospital Features:

  • Flush floor construction so personnel, vehicles and traffic can easily pass between cart traffic and across the towline
  • Dramatically reduces forklift acquisition, maintenance and floor traffic as well as associated labor
  • Improves workers ergonomic conditions that increase productivity and reduce injuries, workers comp, sick time and potential litigation
  • Bottom line, Lo-Tow towline systems have proven the cost-effective and reliable means of conveying materiel in facilities for decades in a myriad of applications and industries requiring reliability, accuracy and cost-effectiveness.