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Automated Guided Vehicles and Carts are an Economical Way to Convey

Automated Guided Vehicles AGV and Carts AGC provide a flexible and fast means of conveying inventory within the facility.

The SImon™ Automated Guided Vehicles AGV and Carts AGC is a battery operated automated guided cart (AGC) that improves productivity and throughput in order fulfillment, assembly, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution operations.

The SImon AGC is fully programmable, configurable and can be reconfigured easily. It can perform tasks to and from transport locations, move sideways, diagonal or rotate up to 360°.

The Automated Guided Vehicles AGV and Carts AGC, SImon cart offers the unique tunneling feature that adds versatility and flexibility to the materials handling system. In operation, companion carts, essentially a heavy-duty frame with four wheels attached, sit on top of the SImon AGC and bear the load.

Every Automated Guided Vehicles AGV and Carts AGC can pick up and drop off companion carts at any location along its route. Companion carts can also be dropped in an accumulation bank. As the automated guided cart drops a cart at one end of the bank, that action pushes the bank one cart length forward.

The Automated Guided Vehicles AGV and Carts AGC can move to pick up the cart at the far end to deliver it to its next stop. Tunneling offers efficiency in a non-synchronous system and reduces the number of AGCs necessary in the materials handling operation.

The SImon AGC can move piggybacked loads and can pull a single cart or a small train of carts.

SImon Automated Guided Vehicles AGV and Carts AGC is the cost effective solution for repetitive movement and regular delivery applications in manufacturing, assembly, distribution and warehousing operations, and is an alternative to package and pallet conveyors, power and free, monorail, or lift trucks.

SImon AGC Features

• Battery operated
• Compact design
• Optical guidance system
• 360° rotation
• Can work solo or in a fleet
• Point-to-point or route driven
• Customizable
• Tunneling capability

SImon AGC Benefits

• Fast Return on Investment (ROI)
• Cost effective alternative to lift trucks and pallet conveyors
• Easy programming and re-programming
• Route can be modified to meet changing needs
• Improves operational throughput and productivity
• Reduces labor requirements
• Can move a wide range of loads

Industries that use SImon AGCs

Assembly | Manufacturing | Warehousing | Distribution Centers


Capacity2,500 LBS
Easy to UseGuided Tape Path
Low Profile11 inch Height
Max Speed2.1 MPH