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Manufacturing, Assembly, Distribution Lo-Tow In-Floor Towline Conveyor

The Lo-Tow In-Floor Towline Conveyor system, is the cost effective means of conveyance in new or existing facilities. Using a powered chain recessed into a floor track, carts with loads up to 45,000 lbs. and more are pulled effortlessly from pick-up points to assigned destinations.

Lo-Tow In-Floor towline conveyor

Sometimes referred to as a “towveyor” or a “drag chain system,” the Lo-Tow In-Floor Towline Conveyor has a variety of options to meet the needs of your facility. Carts or carriers, providing four-sided access to materials, may be equipped with RF identification and can range from simple wheeled carts to mobile ergonomic workstations with lift, lower and rotate capabilities.
Lo-Tow In-Floor Towline Conveyor Models For Specific Applications:

  • Clas-SI-c™ towline for warehouse, distribution center and manufacturing applications. Helps eliminate forklift congestion, traffic, acquisition and maintenance costs. Often a more reliable and cost effective solution to AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Automated Guided Carts (AGC).
  • SideFinger™ towline conveyor for assembly, manufacturing and warehouse applications. This model incorporates designs to help eliminate costly jamming and downtime while requiring minimum maintenance.
  • Katchain™ towline provides rivet free construction for warehouse and distribution applications.

Accumulation is available for non-synchronous operations, and switching and merging components allow carriers to divert into spurs or move efficiently from one loop to another. Control systems can vary between simple relay logic to sophisticated PLC or PC controls.

Rejuvenate and Retrofit (R&R) Program for Towline Conveyor Systems

SI Systems now offer the means of rejuvenating and retrofitting existing towline conveyor systems back to life. Decades of experience uniquely allow SI Systems the ability to upgrade, repair, refurbish and re-use existing towline systems from virtually any other manufacturer. Read more

The logical choice over other material handling transport systems, the Lo-Tow In-Floor Towline Conveyor is used in manufacturing, assembly, government and military facilities throughout the world. Distribution centers have even used specially designed roller deck carriers for AS/RS pick-up and delivery stations and on-the-fly pallet off-loading. Durable and dependable, many of these systems are still in operation more than 40 years after installation.

NFF (No Fault Forward) Lo-Tow In-Floor Towline Conveyor Operations

NFF (No Fault Forward) provides the highest level of quality, accuracy and productivity your assembly system can provide. The Lo-Tow In-Floor Towline Conveyor Controls system integrates with your MES software system to assure that every assembled item on the towline is done to your exact quality specifications and requirements.