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Above Floor Towline ConveyorAbove Floor Towline Conveyor System for Heavy Duty Applications

Above Floor Towline Conveyor System provides the same durability and reliability Clas-SI-c Lo-Tow users have become accustomed to, but now surface mounted. The above floor towline conveyor system’s track is mounted to the surface without any trenching. Every system is engineered based on the facility’s application, configuration, speed, weight and load requirements.

Above Floor Towline Conveyor System integrated state-of-the-art controls can also provide remote monitoring and diagnostics to keep systems performing to manufacturers specifications. The above floor conveyor system can move at speeds up to 150 fpm and carry loads up to 550,000 lbs.

A wide variety of standard or custom four wheeled carts, wagons, trolleys, and carriers can be used with the system. In fact, an optional kit allows a facility’s existing devices to be quickly adapted to be used on the towline conveyor system reducing acquisition and implementation costs. The towline’s above floor nature allows the system to be used for years and then be easily modified, moved and transported as the facility’s and application’s requirements dictate.

The Clas-SI-c Lo-Tow towline conveyor system has been deployed in leading organizations for over 50 years. Many facilities have been using the Lo-Tow towline system for decades virtually maintenance free. The components are heavy duty and are designed to last and perform reliably for the life of the application.

Clas-SI-c Lo-Tow Above Floor Towline Conveyor Benefits:

  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • Improved worker ergonomics and productivity
  • Low initial investment/best cost of ownership
  • High volume conveyance for improved throughput
  • Easy integration with off-line automation or processes
  • Long, trouble-free service life
  • User friendly control system with WMS or WES software integration