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Clas-SI-c Towline ConveyorClas-SI-c Lo-Tow Conveyor -Warehouse and Distribution Applications

The Lo-Tow® Clas-SI-c™ low profile towline conveyor system has been considered the “industry standard” since its inception over 40 years ago. The Clas-SI-c towline is designed for warehouse, distribution and manufacturing applications where a heavy capacity conveyor is required to transport inventory to warehouse zones such as receiving, put-away, picking, consolidation and shipping.

The Clas-SI-c Lo-Tow towline conveyor provides steady and obstruction free conveyance while helping to reduce or eliminate fork lift acquisition costs, floor congestion and their maintenance expenses.

Carts that run on the Clas-SI-c Lo-Tow towline conveyor can be designed to optimize your exact requirements. From simple carts to ergonomically designed carts that eliminate bending and potential injuries to carts designed to handle specific inventory requirements.

Clas-SI-c Lo-Tow Towline Conveyor Operation:

Clas-SI-c Lo-Tow towline conveyor carts are engaged via a towpin into the chain. The chain moves throughout the length of the track. Diverts can be designed to route carts waiting for operator action. Likewise, a simple hand release disengages the towpin from the chain allowing an operator to move the cart manually to an exact location or position. When done, the operator simply re-engages the towpin back into the chain and the cart is conveyed automatically to its next destination.

Inventory is married via software, barcode or RFID to a specific cart. The cart is engaged onto the towline chain and the software and controls will now direct and track the carts destination and location at all time.

Depending on the required material flow a facility requires, inventory can be received, inducted and placed on a cart for transportation. The cart delivers the inventory to high bay storage or put away zone. This zone can be the entire zone, or defined as a specific set of rack, by having a divert built into the towline conveyor path. A fork lift then confirms receipt and places it into the appropriate storage location.

When a demand for the inventory is placed, a fork lift retrieves the SKU, places it on a waiting cart, marries the SKU with the cart and confirms it is ready to be transported. The software and controls will automatically direct it to its destination which is often the buffering or shipping zones.

The need for fork lifts traveling throughout the facility moving hundreds of SKUs to different locations is eliminated. Reducing the number of forklifts required in the system and their associated labor, maintenance and safety issues has been accomplished.

In addition, the physical demand placed on operators to pull hundreds or thousands of pounds on every cart is eliminated helping to dramatically reduce potential injuries and related litigation and diminishing productivity due to fatigue.

Clas-SI-c Lo-Tow Towline Conveyor Benefits:

  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • Improved worker ergonomics and productivity
  • Low initial investment/best cost of ownership
  • High volume conveyance for improved throughput
  • Easy integration with off-line automation or processes
  • Long, trouble-free service life
  • User friendly control system with WMS or WES software integration

The system can be configured as a single or multi-loop with loop-to-loop transfers. It can include powered and non-powered spurs, precision and non-precision stops. The Clas-SI-c towline conveyor can be configured for multi-floor operation via ramps or elevators.

Clas-SI-c Lo-Tow Towline Conveyor Options:

  • Chain cleaner/air bow off
  • Specialized chain oiler
  • Right and left hand drives
  • Plastic turns
  • Roller chain turns
  • Heavy-duty track with 10,000 lb. capacity
  • Remote controls diagnostics and monitoring
  • Anti-track contaminant and jamming technologies
  • WMS,WES or MES software integration
  • RFID tag integration

Clas-SI-c Lo-Tow Towline Conveyor Features:

  • Heavy-duty track for up to 5,000 lb. wheel loads
  • High strength, heat-treated conveyor chain
  • Reliable, application proven drive
  • Automatic drive lubricator