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SideFinger Towline Assembly In-Floor Conveyor Uses Jam-Free Design

The Lo-Tow® SideFinger towline assembly In-floor conveyor by SI Systems with the exclusive TrackGap™ feature is designed for manufacturing, assembly and warehouse applications that require precision, up time, and the controlled movement of work pieces through your process.SideFinger towline assembly In-floor conveyor system chain, track and controls have been designed solely by SI Systems for maximum performance and has decades of trouble free usage. Please ask us for references!


The SideFinger towline assembly In-floor conveyor utilizes a  proprietary tow chain with vertical rivets and rollers that have a pusher extending horizontally away from the chain centerline. This sideways mounted pushing finger allows the cart’s  towpin to be transferred positively from the mainline to a transfer loop and vice versa.

A  companion SideFinger track combines high performance with reliability for years and decades of up time. The track is designed to protect the chain, isolate and mitigate contaminants and minimum installation requirements,  thereby providing easy maintenance. It’s low profile  8.56”  wide X 3.63” tall track cross section requires only minimum excavation (6” deep trench) for installation.

TrackGap Jam-Free Towline Designed for Maximum Up Time

The SideFinger towline assembly In-floor conveyor and track combined creates SI Systems proprietary TrackGap system. TrackGap technology utilizes chain guards to help keep contaminants such as fasteners, wood, scraps and other items from engaging with the chain. Likewise, a void area in the track allows contaminants to accumulate harmlessly while the active towpins automatically levels it until all debris are cleaned out. This design mitigates contaminants and eliminates chain jamming  allowing systems to run consistently without jamming, damage, and costly downtime.

SideFinger Towline Assembly In-Floor Conveyor Benefits:

  • Low initial investment
  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • Four-side cart access for improved productivity
  • High volume transport for improved throughput
  • Easy integration with off-line automation or processes
  • Long, trouble-free service life
  • Control system interface with WMS or MES software systems

The system can be configured as a straight line, single loop, or multi-loop with loop-to-loop transfers. It can include powered and non-powered spurs, as well as precision and non-precision stops. The SideFinger towline assembly In-floor conveyor can also be configured for multi-floor operation via  lifts or elevators. (SideFinger can’t bend up ramps)

The Lo-Tow SideFinger towline assembly In-floor conveyor can be designed to meet an organizations exact manufacturing process including: crawling, synchronized, a-synchronized and speedy return methods.

SideFinger Towline Assembly In-Floor Conveyor Features:

  • TrackGap jam-free technology
  • Heavy-duty track
  • High strength, heat-treated conveyor chain
  • Reliable, application proven “pit less” drives (SideFinger only)
  • Decades of trouble free use (ask for references)

No Fault Forward (NFF) Compliant

Leading organizations realize that forwarding problems and incomplete work to the next workstation will translate to increased errors, reduced productivity, and increased costs. The Lo-Tow towline system utilizes a controls scheme which allows total MES integration that assures each workstation has fully completed their task before forwarding to the next workstation.

Carts can be designed to handle a wide range of work pieces and assemblies using custom work holding devices for maximum access and improved productivity and throughput.

SideFinger Towline Assembly In-Floor Conveyor Options:

  • Right and left hand drives
  • Remote controls diagnostics
  • MES integration
  • Workstation task complete buttons
  • Andon systems