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Rejuvenate and Retrofit

Rejuvenate and Retrofit Program For All Towline Systems

Extend the life and upgrade the performance of your towline conveyor with SI Systems’ Rejuvenate and Retrofit Towline Conveyor Program. SI Systems specializes in cost-effectively rejuvenating, expanding, modifying, moving, replacing, or retrofitting your towline system to meet your current and future business needs.

As the towline industry leader, SI Systems has created the Rejuvenate and Retrofit Towline Conveyor program to extend, restore and improve virtually every manufacturer’s towline or in-floor conveyor system. In some instances, installed towline systems were used every day for decades. These floor tracks were forgotten and ignored because the original manufacturer stopped supporting the system or they simply went out of business.

In either case, SI Systems has been manufacturing and implementing towline systems for over 50 years. We understand how to breathe new life and improve systems which may not have been touched for years or even decades.
Common Towline Issues & Problems SI Systems’ Rejuvenate and Retrofit Towline Conveyor Program Can Solve:

  • Jamming
  • Down time
  • Expansion
  • Workflow
  • Excessive wear and tear
  • Change in work processes
  • Product changes or evolution
  • Relocation

Just a Few Rejuvenate and Retrofit Towline Conveyor Services Include:

  • Replace or rebuild
    • Worn track sections
    • Drive units
    • Horizontal and/or vertical turns
  • Replace worn towline chain
  • Install new loop-to-loop transfers
  • Upgrade controls to new PLC technology
  • Replace motor starters with current Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) controllers
  • Apply load-sharing technology to the drive system
  • Refresh rutted wheel path with epoxy materials
  • Upgrade safety circuits to current standards and codes
  • Improve operator interfaces to reduce workplace injuries
  • Implement Andon displays and reporting aids
  • Rebuild or replace damaged carts

SI Systems’ can provide the engineering experience and exclusive solutions such as Track-Gap™ Jamless Solution which uses chain guards and a channel to help keep contaminants from jamming and damaging the chain to bring your system back to life.

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