Lo-Tow Towline Conveyor

Considered the “Industry Standard” since its inception over 60 years ago, SI’s Lo-Tow Towline Conveyor features the most efficient, effective, and reliable means for transporting heavy loads up to 55 tons through sequential assembly operations. Used primarily in “loop” type configurations, carts make repeating “round trip” cycles around the towline path.  A fixed towline path is designed to route through your specific assembly operation. Diverts and merges can be designed to route carts between towline loops or for parallel processing.

Assembly carts attach to the towline chain via a towpin. As the chain moves throughout the length of the towline path, the carts are towed along with it.  Carts can be manually removed from the towline for offline processing by lifting the towpin out of the tow chain.  Once any offline processing is complete, the operator can simply drop the towpin into the track slot to re-engage the cart back to the tow chain.

SI has completely revolutionized the towline industry, expediting production and assembly applications while eliminating error with the Lo-Tow Towline Conveyor’s jam resistant construction.

Flush-floor, obstruction-free conveyance

  • Ergonomically designed towline system configured using a one-inch wide slot in the floor, allowing the cart’s towpin to engage with the in-floor towline chain
  • Eliminates trip hazards and other workplace injuries
  • Provides operators 360-degree access to the work, including access to the inside of the loop for lineside activities
  • Allows vehicle traffic to cross the towline path
Wide array of cart configurations

  • Simple four-wheeled transport dollies
  • Dual cart systems for extended loads (like a chassis)
  • Mobile workstations with lift/lower capabilities and product rotators
Flexible paths

  • Almost any path is possible: Simple ovals to a complicated serpentine paths
  • Single loop or with multi-loop paths connected by loop-to-loop transfers
  • Multi-floor operations by negotiating both ramps and/or elevators


After a low initial investment, customers enjoy long, trouble-free service life with the industry’s top performing towline conveyor system. Not only does SI’s Lo-Tow produce a Rapid Return on Investment (ROI), it simultaneously improves worker ergonomics & productivity while reducing labor requirements. Production, throughput, and quality all improve thanks to the best cost of ownership in high volume conveyance. No matter your current manufacturing system or off-line automation, SI’s Lo-Tow Towline Conveyor integrates seamlessly courtesy of its user-friendly control systems.


  • Automatic drive/chain lubrication
  • Low-friction roller chain turns
  • Standard track with 5,000 lb. wheel load capacity and Heavy-duty track with 10,000 lb. wheel load capacity
  • Remote controls diagnostics and monitoring
  • Anti-track contaminant and jamming technologies
  • WMS, WES or MES software integration
  • RFID tag integration
  • High strength, heat-treated conveyor chain
  • Encoded chain to track carts