Quality control is the foundation of all effective and efficient manufacturing. That is why SI designed it’s No Fault Forward (NFF) Technology, which prohibits non-conforming work to advance further in the assembly process. As manufacturing processes inevitably become more refined and complex, quality control becomes an even more important element in the total quality concept, increasing the demand for quality-based tools in your operation.
Performance Enhancing Software

In assembly operations, slight variations in common assembly processes and procedures require strict adherence to work instructions that detail how a series of sequential tasks should be performed at an assembly station. These production changes coupled with a company’s demand for growth only further drive the need for best in class quality control solutions. SI Systems’ towline conveyor systems can be equipped with our NFF control technology that will not allow an assembly to move to the next workstation in the process until all assembly steps required at that station are completed according to specification.

How It Works

NFF technology works in conjunction with the towline system controller and the client’s manufacturing system to inhibit the release of the work to the next station until receipt of a “permissive” signal indicating all workstation assembly criteria has been satisfied and conforms to specifications.  Non-conforming work will not be allowed to advance.

Process Improvement Through Data Collection

SI Systems’ NFF technology allows assembly data to be collected for later analysis, improving throughput, quality, and manufacturing processes long-term. The collected data can then be used to fine tune and troubleshoot processes as well as assist with line balancing, which, in turn, reduces warranty claims.