Rejuvenate & Retrofit Program For All Towline Systems

As the market leader for 60+ years in the towline business, SI Systems recognizes the demand for a cost-effective renovation system for existing towlines. The Rejuvenate & Retrofit program (R&R) meets your business needs by servicing repairs, extensions, and expansions in order to extend and upgrade the life and performance of towline conveyors. All major towline brands are supported, including FMC, ACCO, JBT, and Rapistan
Common Issues Solved by SI’s R&R Program

Manufacturers enjoy peace of mind with the leading renovation program that fixes a myriad of items:

  • Minimizes chain jams with our proprietary chains
  • Reduces down-time
  • Increases workflow
  • Permits seamless expansion
  • Repairs excessive wear and tear
  • Accommodates a host of evolving work processes and product changes 
Common Renovation Services

With SI System’s “Rejuvenate” services, we can replace or rebuild damaged carts, worn track sections, worn towline chains, obsolete drive units, and damaged horizontal/vertical turns. 

Our “Retrofit” services include:

  • Installation of loop-to-loop transfers
  • Andon displays and other reporting aids
  • Adding operator interfaces to reduce workplace injuries
  • Refreshing rutted wheel paths with epoxy materials
  • Upgrading controls to new PLC and VFD technologies
  • Adding load-sharing technology between drives
  • Upgrading safety circuits to current standards and codes