With No Fault Forward (NFF) Integration and virtually jam-free proprietary construction, SI Systems’ SideFinger Towline Conveyor solves the industry’s demand for optimized production and assembly applications.
Used primarily in “straight line” type configurations where the carts make “one way” trips along the towline path, SI Systems’ customers experience repeatable, predictable, and dependable conveyance as heavy loads are transported through sequential assembly operations.

How it works:

Carts are engaged to the towline chain via a towpin. As the chain moves throughout the length of the towline path, the carts are towed along with it. Carts can be manually removed from the towline for offline processing by simply lifting the towpin out of the tow chain. Once complete, the operator will drop the towpin into the track slot to re-engage the cart back to the tow chain. Although straight line pathing is the most common application, users can incorporate diverts and/or merges to route carts along unique paths.

Flexible paths:
  • Straight line
  • "L” shaped
  • “U” shaped
  • Loops
  • Transfers and merges
  • Almost any linear path is possible
Flush-floor, obstruction free conveyance
A 1” wide slot in the floor allows the cart’s towpin to engage with the towline chain. The narrow, virtually jam-free design of SI Systems’ SideFinger Towline Conveyor eliminates trip hazards and other workplace injuries while keeping the towline safe from small parts debris. Operators have 360-degree access to the work, as well as access to the inside of the loop for lineside operations.
Wide array of cart configurations:
SI Systems’ accommodate simple four-wheeled transport dollies, ergonomic carts with lift/lower capability and rotators, and dual cart systems for extended loads (like a chassis).
  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Proprietary virtually jam-free design with offset chain
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • Improved worker ergonomics and productivity
  • Low initial investment/best cost of ownership
  • High volume conveyance for improved throughput
  • Easy integration with off-line automation or processes
  • Long, trouble-free service life
  • User friendly control system can integrate with existing manufacturing systems
  • Low friction turns
  • Components designed for 5,000 lb. to 10,000 lb. wheel load capacity
  • Remote controls diagnostics and monitoring
  • Anti-track contaminant and jamming technologies
  • WMS, WES or MES software integration
  • RFID tag integration
  • Proprietary conveyor chain
  • Encoded chain to track carts