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US Business Market Growth Is Higher Than China in 2015

business-market-growthBusiness Market in the United States Grows Higher Than China

US business market growth surpassed this decade’s previous favorite, China in 2015. In a recent PwC’s Annual Global CEO survey, over 1,322 business leaders in 77 countries were surveyed as to which country offered the best opportunity for growth and why. Over 38% of the respondents indicated the US offered the greatest opportunities and highest return on investment.

As the US ramps up to a predicted 3.2% GDP growth this year, expectations are for continued business market growth. Certainly, other countries’ lower GDP, growth and financial outlook help push the US to the number one position, but attributes such as constant lower energy costs, political stability and economic growth contribute to their decision.

Clearly, today’s business atmosphere provides organizations with tremendous opportunities, but also with increased risks. The level of price visibility to consumers increase every day with new data mining and search engine results being available in a fraction of a second. The availability of products pouring in from the four corners of the planet is only one mouse click away, not to mention a new formidable competitor being created via new partnerships.

The risks are high, but so are the opportunities. Yet 61% of CEOs globally, and 67% for US, believe there are more growth opportunities in the US for their companies than there had been three years ago. With that said, 46% of the US CEOs are very confident in hitting their revenue growth this year (highest in five years).

Amongst the myriad of reasons for this optimism is the ability for organizations to use efficient tools in their distribution and assembly operations to eliminate costs, retain value and increase their customer satisfaction. A few examples include:

  • WES, WMS, WCS software systems that configure around existing operations. These types of systems provide increased efficiencies in labor and inventory with a minimal impact on day-to-day operations.
  • A-Frame high speed order fulfillment systems which require zero order picking labor and can provide up to 4,200 items/orders per hour productivity numbers. These systems also come as portable units that allow instant response to peak and valley operations requirements.
  • Towline conveyance and transportation systems that allow inventory and material to be routed to work stations, zones and cells effortlessly and reliably. Unlike other technologies, these systems eliminate forklift congestion, creating barriers in the facility such as conventional conveyor or the high cost of poor labor.

The survey clearly shows that CEOs are innovating and accelerating the impact of technology in their operations. CEOs say they are seeing real payoffs from these investments and are always looking for technologies and systems that provide the lowest risk and highest rewards available, thus gaining even more US business market growth in the future.

Source: PWC


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