White Paper WES – Warehouse Execution Software

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White Paper - WES

White Paper WES – Warehouse Execution Software For Immediate Download

WES – Warehouse Execution Software is a fairly recent name being given to a new class of warehouse software. What is the history of WES – Warehouse Execution Software?
What is WES – Warehouse Execution Software?
What are the current definitions and applications? How will Warehouse Execution Software impact and benefit your facility and operations?

It’s not that WES isn’t a very innovative concept, because it is. And it’s no surprise that this class of software applications is really starting to catch on in a market segment that has been defined as either WMS, WCS, or a combination of the two. Its time has clearly come. What’s surprising is how few people have been aware of the development of WES. So what’s the story with WES, and how can it help your operation?

What key questions do you need to know and ask a WES – Warehouse Execution Software provider when considering warehouse management. Especially good information to know if you need a WES, WMS or WCS software system.

The automated material handling market is starting to both recognize and adjust to this newly marketed type of system called WES. There are a handful of providers that deliver systems true to this art form, while many more are starting to take advantage of the industry buzz and offer “imposter” systems. Take your time to evaluate if this kind of system is right for you, and be careful with your selection of your next business partner in such a venture. You want to ensure that you don’t go back to the future with your critical warehouse software choices.

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